Proven tactics to grow Instagram following

News 04:06 June 2024:

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that we have today with a population of about 200 million active accounts. This makes it an absolute greener pasture where brands have an opportunity to increase its engagement with the big audience availed. However, social media is as dynamic as the technology itself and the approaches used a while ago to increase following has changed.

To beat the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, here are several tactics that will help you earn more Instagram followers.

Engage more on influencer marketing

Irrespective of whether it’s a personal or company account that you are looking to increase following, there are always influencers in whichever niche who are popular and have a huge following. Additionally, these are people who have earned credibility in the field besides being talented salesmanship.

So how do marketers incorporate influencers to aide in growing Instagram following? Paying influencers to promote your products on their channel is the simplest way to work with them. Alternatively, there are influencers who will not request money to promote a product on their channel, rather they use these relationships to strengthen their influence as a resourceful person and build their credibility.

Whichever way works with the influences in your niche, ensure you establish a sincere relationship with them. If an influence can speak about your product not because they are paid but because they want to, then you probably have worn your way into their hearts. This may result in a mention of you that will definitely earn you a chunk of followers.

Buy Instagram followers

Lately, the question of whether buying Instagram followers really make any significant change to a brand visibility has raised a heated debate. The best way to address this will depend on the main purpose that the buyer may have in mind when buying the Instagram likes and perhaps the mechanism that the buyer has put in place to ensure that once they buy the Instagram likes, the intended purpose which is influencing organic followers to get interested in the channel, follow it and perhaps become customers eventually is achieved.

Before addressing any of the above perspectives, maybe we should remember that the number of followers is among the factors that the Instagram algorithm use to determine a channel’s visibility. That’s beside the other engagement items such as likes and comments on a post.

So, if you are looking for an instant popularity for your channel or the company that you represent, then buy Instagram likes and you will definitely achieve it. It’s important to note the difference between buying Instagram likes and the misguided act of Instagram automation where you allow a bot to automatically like and comment on your behalf. On the other hand, you connect your account to a service provider, make payment according to your agreements, and watch your following grow.

As mentioned earlier on, when you buy instagram followers, their impact would depend on mechanism that you have put in place for reinforcement. Well, once you have your audience growing, I guess you will be a milestone closer to your purpose. However, here is what most people fail to understand; that the acquired followers may have little or no interest at all in your content. Therefore, to make sure that your newly acquired popularity stands the test of time, here is some of the mechanism you should apply.

  1. Work on your bio- your personal information such as your profile photo and name of your brand means a lot to your audience. They are the impression makers that will drive, curiosity into looking at your content and maybe giving you a follow eventually.
  2. Give attention to the photos- eye-catching catching photos are the lifeblood of matter how the platform evolves, people will always appreciate a well thought of photo and won’t hesitate to compliment with a follow. Remember that people don’t like reading much, especially not on Instagram. Ensure that you give your all with a good photo. If you sell jewels, let models grace the occasion clad in your best jewel.
  3. Use of hashtags- if you don’t use hashtags your audience will not grow it’s just that simple. The main point of you buying Instagram followers is to increase organic following hence the importance of the hashtag. Instagram followers click from a hashtag to hashtag stopping occasionally when there is an interesting post.
  4. Post regularly- post several times a day. The content shouldn’t necessarily originate from you. In fact, rarely should you be posting about your brand with promotional content. This is because people hate being sold out and will likely pass a promotional content without giving it a second thought. Post informative content probably from influencers and even some of your followers who create great content that deserves a part in the back. Nevertheless, ensure you don’t overdo it. Let your followers identify your brand’s credibility, reliability and informative in the most honest way.


Promote your Instagram presence on other platforms

There are a dozen platforms that you can use to promote your Instagram presence. Probably you are on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, it will be of great advantage to you adding your Instagram link to them. Similarly, you can stretch your instagram campaign even further, if you are writing a guest post for a blog, why not offer to write it for free and link it to your Instagram account? If the content of the article can allow you to mention your Instagram account, then do it and even sneak a screenshot of one of our best content. You will definitely elicit curiosity and won’t miss a bunch of followers from your efforts.

Run contests

Yeah! That is exactly what I mean, a contest. Sometimes customers need a little pushing to drive the traffic right to your account and this works so perfectly. How exactly do you go about it? You only need to be somehow creative to ensure that you don’t infiltrate on a bigger portion of your profit yet giving descent incentives. For instance, if you operate in football shoes, you may ask your customers to post their pictures on Instagram while wearing the shows.

Similarly, if you are in the hotel industry, why not introduce a contest where the winner will get a free voucher for full day meals fully paid. The essence is to grow the popularity and at the same time convert the gained followers into customers eventually.


Sometimes, social media marketing can be a little exhilarating. This is because the platform is always evolving. The tactics that were being used two years ago have become obsolete and are no longer in use. However, with the above current methods, you can multiply your followers as many times as you want. If you opt to buy Instagram followers, you will have the numbers, but it will be up to you to increase engagement through posting creative content that you believe your audience can resonate with. The best measure of marketing on Instagram I’d say is when you have a following that can interact with your content, it becomes easy to convert them to customers since their loyalty to you will be ensured.

Eventually, you will find no more need to run after people to flow them; people wanting to follow you will instead seek you.