5 Ways Emojis will Increase your Twitter Engagements for more Twitter Retweets

News 06:06 June 2024:

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Are you in the habit of using emojis? This cute little symbols in your keyboard are used to express yourself in social media such as Twitter in a fun, spontaneous way. In fact, you are attracting more Twitter retweet if you use them to your Tweets. You may be comfortable using them to your personal tweets, but how about to your business tweets? Have you thought what your tweet will look like if you insert emojis to them? You might be raising your eyebrows as it seems inappropriate and informal. But the thing is, those using emojis to their business tweets are more likely to get a customer than those that are very formal, stiff, and conventional. Sounds interesting? Read on as this article will give you tips on how to make your emojis increase your business engagements as well as your Twitter retweets.

Promote your Business with Symbols

Sometimes, it only takes one symbol to say everything. One emoji is equivalent to a thousand feelings as they say. So instead of narrating your promotion to a long Twitter thread, why not use emojis? Just be careful in choosing what emojis to use. It is prone to misinterpretation. So before you use one, check its meaning first. You can check it on the internet.

Appreciate your Customers via Emojis

One perfect example of this is the use of the heart symbol. It means a lot. It the perfect way of saying thank you to a customer on Twitter. It is saying thank you beyond words.

Use Emojis if you want to Highlight Something

Pointing fingers are samples of this. If you are promoting a link or a bio, pointing fingers can be used. If you want to highlight a good service, you can use the clapping emoji. There are lots actually. You just need to be creative.

Partner your Words with Emojis

Say you are posting your new shoes, then use the shoe emoji. This is also a way of highlighting something. In business, you can use business-related emojis. Say if you are currently busy, you can use the emoji with a laptop. This just means that you still need to tweet words, you will just partner it with appropriate emojis.

Use of Emoji to Celebrate

This usually goes with a hashtag. Say for example today is teacher’s day, you can use the hashtag #ilovemyteacher followed by the teacher emoji. Or maybe you want to congratulate someone from your workgroup, then use the celebration emoji.

Above are just simple ways on how you can incorporate emojis to your Twitter engagements. The thing here is you are moving away from the boring and conventional way of reaching out to your potential customers. There is no limit, nor a special formula on how you will use emojis. As long as it will be decent and easy to relate, then, by all means, use it. People are more inclined to emojis nowadays. They find it cute. Besides, you are doing this to increase your Twitter retweets. So why not start now? It’s simple and fun!

Master the Art of Twitter Retweet With These 5 Simple Tips

Twitter retweets can be simply described as a re-post of other Twitter user’s posts that you share with your followers on Twitter. Retweets make the service better on Twitter and enable people to discuss various issues easily. If you are already on Facebook, you have seen people share other people’s posts and this is no different from Twitter. However, in this article, we highlight some tips you can use to master the art of twitter retweet.

Use RT or via

Depending on the tweets you like or are interested in, you can use RT or via for twitter retweet. When you use RT, you start with the twitterer you wish to re-post their tweet, followed by the message. For example, @jwilliams followed by the post. On the other hand, when using via, you start with the message you wish to retweet followed by the twitterer. For example hilarious head bags via @jwilliams. Either way, both formats are acceptable.

Mention the original poster

In this case, for twitter retweet, it is important to ensure that you mention the original Twitterer. For example, if @jwilliams retweets from @jjacobs who retweeted from @marions, the original post should be like this. Let’s say the tweet is hilarious head bags, this is what @jwilliams is expected to retweets. RT @marrions @jjacobs hilarious head bags. However, if you decide to go by this tip, things might get out of hand with multiple people mentioned. Therefore, it will be okay to mention only the original twitter.

When editing a post for retweet, respect the original post and intentions

At some point, you can make hash out of someone’s post, and they might not appreciate it. You can try removing some content to shorten the post, but it is advisable to do so without distorting the intention or meaning of the original post.

Check the links  

Be keen on the links before your twitter retweet. Some links might be broken or may not work properly. It is important to check on the links to confirm that they are working. If they don’t and you retweet, be prepared to have an egg on your face. It will be advisable to read the tweet before twitter retweet to avoid some embarrassments. You might retweet something you don’t even support.

Always be grateful

If you receive a Twitter retweet, say thank you. Don’t be lazy, try to give audience to your retweets to maintain them. You can also continue with a conversation with people who retweet your pots, to make them know that they matter to you. Thank them separately and if they are many, you can use the RT to thank them in general.

As awesome as it gets with twitter retweets, learn to ensure that you repost what benefits your followers. Bear in mind that you want to share new information and it should be something that benefits them. You can also make it a habit to visit profiles of people who retweets you.