How to sell in YouTube

News 06:06 June 2024:

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Social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram offer you an incredible opportunity if you are into selling digitally or engaged in creating content. More than a billion hours of content in watched on YouTube every day and it is the 3rd largest search engine on the planet. YouTube is scaling new heights in terms of users and content and anyone who has presence on the social media site should be able to gain a large return.  One of the long standing problems, though, is how to make money off your YouTube channel by getting free YouTube Likes.

When we consider the topic of making money off the digital content that you have placed on YouTube, it essentially boils down to 2 major steps:

  1. Getting your viewers interested in the very product that you are trying to sell using your video content.
  2. Drive more relevant traffic to your website

Add links in the description & comments

Putting links as part of the description happens to be one of the most frequently used tricks to redirect your viewers to a site of interest. One of the main reasons for this is that it is so simple to do that everyone is able to do it, irrespective of how old the channel is or the number of subscriptions for your channel.

The viewers on YouTube expect the description to the links for all topics that were the subject of discussion in the video – they take on the role of a kind of a reference catalog for the topics.

In all YouTube videos, the first 3 lines of the description can always be seen. For anything more than that, the user needs to click on ‘show more”. For this reason it is important that you really make these first 3 lines count.

Shorten the links that are longer so the are easy to read, make the text look more uniform and cleaner. Another option that you may take is to put the links as part of the comments, and since you are the channel owner, you have the option of pinning your comment to the top.

Add a custom link to your profile banner

When people are looking at your profile, they get to see your over art, along with any icons that you want to display. This data is very important for the people who are looking to get a feel of the brand of your channel.

Also, it is the common page that your visitors view when they come looking for new content that they can watch or when they consider subscribing to it.

YouTube lets you display up to 5 links on the top of your profile banner. These links can be any combination of your external links, such as links various social media platforms like tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, twitter, etc, websites, or online stores. Make the best use of this prominent opportunity to link in order to drive your YouTube fans to your site so they can find out more about the products that you offer and also by sending them to the correct page.

Use end screens to link to your online store

End screens make for very powerful tools for engaging your viewers once they have watched and fallen in love with your content. This makes for the perfect time to poke them to find out more about you by visiting your web store.

If you are a member of the YouTube Partnership Program, then you will also have the option of adding an end screen that will be shown during the last 20 seconds of your YouTube video.

The end screen can be used to show various things. These include:

  • Showing other videos and playlists that you have on YouTube.
  • An invitation asking the users to subscribe to the channel.
  • Link to an external website that has approved merchandise of crowdfunding websites.

To have a loyal fan following on YouTube is the perfect jump start for selling your digital merchandise, and thanks to the built in tools provided by YouTube, it is possible to implement integrated, seamless selling tactics.

For people who have just started creating videos, they should be able to do the most out of the tactics described above and get more interested users to your website to achieve more sales.

5 Secrets to Improve your Facebook Engagements

To gain attention of followers is a constant struggle on platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and other sought after social media. What makes it even more tricky are the changing algorithms on these platforms that make reaching their target audience increasingly hard for publishers. As a direct result of this, publishers are pushed to drive more engagement using their content as this happens to be a key measurement that determines the amount of visibility that will be assigned to the Facebook algorithms to any given post –  the more the engagement on Facebook, the more will be the visibility.

If you are not sure of the reasons that are leading to a low engagement on Facebook and want to increase it (and hence your visibility) for your post, we present to you some ways that will help you in improving your approach.

1.Get into interactions with your followers

One of the main reasons that lead to low engagement is that the managers of the social media channels like YouTube, tumblr and Facebook or the social editors working with the publishers do not directly respond to followers often enough.

Social followers on sites like spotify and soundcloud have started treating the comment section on social media as a live discussion. The audience are looking for a dialogue and the increase in personalization in the area of digital marketing points to the fact that managers of social media need to adapt their ways so that they can speak to a majority of the followers.

The trick is to interact with the followers like they are right in front of you. Always acknowledge the followers when they respond to or make comments on your posts. These efforts that you are going to make in building a stronger connection with the followers will draw the followers back towards the conversation.

2.Do Not over post

Sometimes the publishers may post too much. When posts are very frequent, it may get interruptive for the followers who can easily get lost in all the minute events instead of staying focused on one important conversation.

Publishers can learn from the record companies on how to manage the frequency of releases of content, which is really the key to being successful in community management on any social media like Instagram and Facebook. Before a record company releases an album, it usually encourages the artists to plan their albums every few years.  This gives enough time for the record companies to work on providing exposure to the album via singles and keeps the fans and artist from burn out because of the same material.

You should make use of Facebook Live in order to describe your topic. Planned visuals that make part of a content series, like various steps with a little variation, often work better than the printed word. Facebook Live can help you create media that can compliment other programs that have been established.

3. Do not under post

Publishers should also keep an eye on the lack of planning content, which may often lead to fewer posts and eventually page abandonment. What then, is the right frequency of posting? There has been a lot of research on it and what has really been found is that no one answer fits all. The number changes based on the type of content and target audience.

Get into partnerships with other organizations to build interest around content. Such relationships will create new ideas for sharing, add more variety to the posts and increase your reach.

4. Do not use too much of Jargon

This tip goes with the 1st tip of speaking to your audience. Some people happen to have more information that others, and the conversations may sometimes get into extreme details. A jargon use may be fine if it is aimed at the target audience, but it will leave the uninformed followers in the dark as they may not be using the jargon on a regular basis.

5. Leave open-ended comments

The conversation on some topic may sometimes lead to a dead end: because of comments that express little encouragement for people to give any reaction. The result of this can be similar to not posting frequently, a lack in engagement.
Try to raise open minded queries that will encourage your followers to provide their observations and increase bonding. Such a thought can also be shared in a comment. If you keep these things in mind, you will have a better chance of improving your Facebook engagements